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Pavement Construction for Kam Pok Road Temporary Cargo Terminal, San Tin

To maintain the supply of cross-border materials, Henderson Land lent a plot in Kam Pok Road for the construction of a temporary cargo terminal for non-fresh food and other goods in Hong Kong.

As the contractor of the Highways Department, Shun Yuen Construction was responsible for the pavement construction of the plot. With the great effort of our colleagues, the pavement construction of Phase 1, covering an area of 180,000 sqft, was successfully completed within 5 days and passed to the logistics company on 10 March 2022 for the next step.

The site formation works for Phase 2, covering an area of 43,000sqft, will be commenced soon. We will do our best to complete the construction works as soon as possible. Let’s fight the pandemic together!

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